The ENERTEC Gesellschaft für Energietechnik mbH was founded in February 2003 by the qualified engineers Armin Schäfer and Christoph Schwarz.


At that time, the founders already had many years of experience in energy system construction, with Christoph Schwarz earning his spurs in the design and operation of thermal oil systems and Armin Schäfer's focus on combustion technology.


Since ENERTEC GmbH was founded, the company has looked after customers around the world with questions relating to combustion technology, boiler and plant construction. Here, the needs of our customers have always been in the foreground. Satisfying them is our primary concern.


In order to implement this claim, not only have the company's products been continuously developed, but the company also maintains an internal, non-certified quality management system to continue to deliver products and services with excellent quality.


The company now has 10 employees who are fully committed to implementing the above-mentioned endeavors. The motivation for our staff is certainly also the clear but steady growth of the company in terms of staff and sales volume.


In the course of successful cooperation with a wide variety of customers, ENERTEC GmbH was not only able to establish itself on the market in its core business. The product portfolio has also been expanded with services and products in the innovative fields of energy technology and materials handling.