Our name is our philosophy. Since it was founded in 2003, ENERTEC GmbH has been successfully providing full support for energy systems. From the concept to the first planning sketch to commissioning: Everything from a single source.


Our entire team has many years of experience in the construction of energy systems and can


  • Design and layout

  • Planning and detailed construction

  • Project management, project monitoring and project management

  • Installation supervision and commissioning




In addition, ENERTEC supplies the necessary core components such as:


  • Grate combustion systems from 10 MW to 50 MW thermal output

  • Dust incineration systems up to 25 MW thermal output

  • Thermal oil heater systems up to 20 MW transmission capacity

  • Conveyor units


in the best quality at low prices



New conveying system for CF2P

At the Lure (F) location, Compagnie Francaise du Panneau SAS (CFP) a particle board plant, whose Staff since the start of operations of the modernized Energy systems in 2001 is supported by Enertec employees in many ways. On one last year's investment decision of the new Operator after taking over the IKEA plant in 2018, Enertec received the order for Renewal of various conveyor units in the years of fuel and ash conveying lines of the biomass hot gas generator. in the January of this year were delivery and assembly from Enertec for 2 fuel conveyors, one Wet ash conveyor and a fuel shaft completed and the heat supply of the site went after only a week of planned downtime back in operation


Engineering contract for Dieffenbacher

ENERTEC has again taken on a planning order for an energy system for DIEFFENBACHER GMBH. ENERTEC is responsible for the detailed planning of the entire system for Thien Lam Dat JSC (Vietnam). The system includes moving grate firing, dust and fiber injection firing with a total firing capacity of 38 MW and, on the consumer side, a thermal oil boiler with a good 14 MW (with indirectly heated steam generator) and the residual heat for direct fiber drying


Granulate injection furnaces for Kablitz to Burgos

In a follow-up order, Enertec is supplying 2 more granulate injection firing systems to Richard Kablitz & Mitthof GmbH. The systems that are identical in terms of combustion performance to the preliminary project will be installed at Kronospan S.I Burgos (E)



Delivery of waste gas boiler to Chile

Deliveries of large assemblies overseas are not the order of the day in our company. Now it was time again and the subassemblies for a 2.4 MW waste gas boiler went on the journey to South America. The thermal oil heater was delivered for Maderas Arauco S.A. for Yungay site in Chile and will replace an aging boiler for the heat generation in particleboard production


Heat generation for goat milk drying in Teningen in operation

Enertec GmbH was commissioned by Biopulver GmbH in Teningen with various deliveries and services for the provision of heat using thermal oil for a new type of goat milk drying system in Teningen. The drying plant in which goat milk is processed into powder is not yet fully operational. The gas-fired thermal oil boiler system supplied by Enertec with a transmission capacity of 5000 kW already provides heat, including the provision of steam for food drying via an additional heat exchanger, even if at the moment only in the commissioning phase of the drying systems


Enertec completes pipeline admission for Swiss Krono Zary

After Enertec had commissioned the dimensional recording and mapping of the thermal oil transfer lines for the entire Swiss Krono plant in PL - 48-200 Zary, this work was completed at the end of last year. In addition to the standard 3D applications in-house, the partial recording of the pipelines via a scan was also used on site. In the end, the result of the work was the complete mapping and listing of the thermal oil distribution in the factory on the basis of which pressure loss calculations and supply analyzes can be carried out