Delivery of waste gas boiler to Chile

Deliveries of large assemblies overseas are not the order of the day in our company. Now it was time again and the subassemblies for a 2.4 MW waste gas boiler went on the journey to South America. The thermal oil heater was delivered for Maderas Arauco S.A. for Yungay site in Chile and will replace an aging boiler for the heat generation in particleboard production


New conveying system for CF2P

At the Lure (F) location, Compagnie Francaise du Panneau SAS (CFP) a particle board plant, whose Staff since the start of operations of the modernized Energy systems in 2001 is supported by Enertec employees in many ways. On one last year's investment decision of the new Operator after taking over the IKEA plant in 2018, Enertec received the order for Renewal of various conveyor units in the years of fuel and ash conveying lines of the biomass hot gas generator. in the January of this year were delivery and assembly from Enertec for 2 fuel conveyors, one Wet ash conveyor and a fuel shaft completed and the heat supply of the site went after only a week of planned downtime back in operation


Heat generation for goat milk drying in Teningen in operation

Enertec GmbH was commissioned by Biopulver GmbH in Teningen with various deliveries and services for the provision of heat using thermal oil for a new type of goat milk drying system in Teningen. The drying plant in which goat milk is processed into powder is not yet fully operational. The gas-fired thermal oil boiler system supplied by Enertec with a transmission capacity of 5000 kW already provides heat, including the provision of steam for food drying via an additional heat exchanger, even if at the moment only in the commissioning phase of the drying systems


Enertec completes pipeline admission for Swiss Krono Zary

After Enertec had commissioned the dimensional recording and mapping of the thermal oil transfer lines for the entire Swiss Krono plant in PL - 48-200 Zary, this work was completed at the end of last year. In addition to the standard 3D applications in-house, the partial recording of the pipelines via a scan was also used on site. In the end, the result of the work was the complete mapping and listing of the thermal oil distribution in the factory on the basis of which pressure loss calculations and supply analyzes can be carried out


Numerous projects processed

Unfortunately, publications by our company have been neglected recently, as our attention was completely focused on the projects to be worked on. In the meantime, in addition to a number of spare parts deliveries and service assignments, projects such as the delivery of a feed water tank to Swiss Krono GmbH, various dust burners to Kablitz GmbH and the delivery and installation of turbine measurement technology to SIEMENS AG in the Netherlands have been completed. In the USA, Enertec supplied two direct-fired thermal oil heaters of the type ETV according to ASME guidelines, each with a heat output of 2,750 kW, to the TANN Corporation, and in the Ukraine two waste heat thermal oil boilers, each with 3840 kW, to SWISS KRONO LLC. Our engineers and designers have been involved in various projects for the companies Biopulver GmbH, Dieffenbacher GmbH, Laminex Australia and SWISS KRONO AG in the areas of plant and pipeline planning, thermal oil systems and combustion technology. In addition, our planning services for the Thien Lam Dat energy system in Vietnam for Dieffenbacher GmbH were finally completed


Engineering contract for Dieffenbacher

ENERTEC has again taken on a planning order for an energy system for DIEFFENBACHER GMBH. ENERTEC is responsible for the detailed planning of the entire system for Thien Lam Dat JSC (Vietnam). The system includes moving grate firing, dust and fiber injection firing with a total firing capacity of 38 MW and, on the consumer side, a thermal oil boiler with a good 14 MW (with indirectly heated steam generator) and the residual heat for direct fiber drying


ENERTEC supplies replacement boiler for SWISS KRONO in Zary, Poland

The 8 replacement waste heat boilers for energy systems 2 and 3 ordered by Swiss KRONO (Zary, Poland) at the end of last year are about to be delivered. By adapting the heating surfaces and using greater pipe wall thicknesses, the heating surfaces were optimized for the given operating parameters. As part of the shutdowns of the OSB and MDF line, the heating surfaces will be replaced in May and June after 16 and 18 years of operation.


Fitter wanted

Our company is looking for a fitter / site manager to join us as soon as possible. The vacant position includes the implementation and management of assembly and revision work on our products mainly in Europe. Requirements are completed vocational training and experience in a metalworking profession


Combined heat and power in Luxembourg goes into operation

Our customer Bertsch Energy GmbH & Co KG is currently commissioning a wood-fired thermal power station in Luxembourg. At the Sanem site, the Kronospan company operates a chipboard plant that will in future supply the new energy system with 47 t / h of superheated steam for electricity and district heating. For this project, Enertec is supplying a moving grate furnace with a grate surface of 65 m²


The re-evaporator and economicer for KRONOPLY are installed

As part of the renewal of the energy system 1 at KRONOPLY, Heiligengrabe, the post-evaporator and economicer 2 components supplied by ENERTEC as well as the associated connecting elements such as hood and ash funnel are currently being installed using a 600t crane. The commissioning of the components is scheduled for the beginning of November.


Granulate injection furnaces for Kablitz to Burgos

In a follow-up order, Enertec is supplying 2 more granulate injection firing systems to Richard Kablitz & Mitthof GmbH. The systems that are identical in terms of combustion performance to the preliminary project will be installed at Kronospan S.I Burgos (E)


Handover of EBE power station Elsfleth

From our customer Josef Bertsch Ges.m.b.H. The EBE power plant at the Tidehafen in Elsfleth has been handed over and turns wood waste on the grate built by ENERTEC into environmentally friendly energy. The power plant of Elsflether Bioenergie GmbH (Koehler Energy Group) provides the neighboring industry with 7 MW of electricity and heat with approx. 8.5 t / h of steam


Granulate injection furnaces for Kronospan Mielec at Kablitz

Richard Kablitz & Mitthof GmbH has placed an order with ENERTEC for 2 granulate injection firing systems with 6 MW FWL each. The delivery will take place in August 2015 and will go to Kronospan Mielec (PL)


Engineering of an energy system for bagasse MDF

For a few weeks now, the company has been fully engineering an energy system for an MDF panel production in Iran. For our customer Dieffenbacher GmbH we are planning the system for the end customer Alborz Neopan Jonub Company at a location in the Iranian province of Khuzestan. The thermal oil consumers and the dryer are supplied with heat by means of 8 MW grate firing, 10 MW dust firing and 10 MW gas firing


ENERTEC receives order from the USA

ENERTEC has received from TANN Corp. Kaukauna, Wisconsin received an order for the delivery of three 2500 kW thermal oil heaters and extensive accessories. Delivery is planned for April 2015


ENERTEC degassing at KRONOFRANCE S.A. in operation

The degassing provided by ENERTEC for KRONOFRANCE S.A. went into operation successfully. Special features: The main expansion vessel remains cold thanks to a temperature lock vessel. The degasser separates high amounts of low-boiling components. A longer, safe use of the heat transfer oil with an optimal flash point is guaranteed


New ultrasonic measurement technology introduced

Since September 2014, ENERTEC has had ultrasonic measurement technology for measuring liquid volume flows without interfering with the pipelines at temperatures of up to 400 ° C. Exact measurements of boiler and consumer performance are now possible without interrupting operations


Duratex receives fuel shaft from Enertec

Installation and commissioning of a fuel shaft for a biomass incinerator from Duratex took 5 weeks. In Uberaba, Brazil, the installation in a thermal oil heater system from 1999 was replaced by a modern Enertec fuel shaft


Grate firing for S.C. Holzindustrie Schweighofer S.R.L. Romania delivered

Already at the beginning of July, Enertec delivered a 62 MW moving grate furnace for our customer Bertsch Austria to Reci (RO). The assembly of our scope of delivery was carried out by our assembly manager on August 25th. completed


Grate delivered for Elsflether Bioenergie GmbH

The grate that was delivered to the construction site in Elsfleth near Bremen a week earlier for our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG was already lifted on March 7th. The assembly was completed as planned in two days under the supervision of our assembly manager


Märkisches Viertel power plant in trial operation

Our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG has completed the commissioning in the Märkisches Viertel Berlin power plant and has put the system into trial operation


Bertsch starts commissioning in Berlin

After a delay of several months on site, our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG has just started the commissioning of a 32 MW waste heat boiler in Berlin's Märkisches Viertel for the energy giant Vattenfall


Installation of the fuel shaft in Heiligengrabe started

Our delivery of a fuel shaft for our customer Kronoply GmbH in Heiligengrabe has already been delivered. Assembly of the assembly started today


Grate firing for Romania

Enertec has recently commissioned the largest grate built in its history with an effective grate area of 100 m². The delivery is made for our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG for a 62 MW waste heat boiler system at the Reci (RO) location of the Schweighofer Group


26 MW - Grate in the Bremer Land

Our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG has commissioned Enertec with the delivery of a 46 sqm moving grate for the Elsfleth location near Bremen. In this project, too, a so-called push grate is used at the fuel inlet for a very low-calorific fuel


Enertec assembly vehicle put into service

In order to carry out the ever more extensive assembly work, our company has now equipped and put into service its own assembly transporter


Planning work for regenerative air preheaters

In the course of the cooperation with Babcock Borsig Steinmüller GmbH, Enertec took over the creation of drawings for rotors of regenerative air preheaters of the Ljungström type. The gas / gas heat exchangers are used in large power plants to recover energy from the exhaust gas


Trial operation of the KVA Bern completed

In the Bern waste incineration plant, trial operation on the biomass boiler has now been completed and the plant handed over to the customer. In this project, Enertec supplied our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG with two bed material discharges under a fluidized bed furnace


Spare parts for KronoStar delivered

The spare parts deliveries of a thermal oil radiation part and two degassing domes for a feed water tank that were ordered at the beginning of the year were delivered to our customer KronoStar OOO


KVA Bern is in trial operation

The biomass fluidized bed plant in the Bern KVA has been in trial operation since mid-December and is constantly supplying electricity to the grid.


KVA Bern before trial operation

After immense delays, our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG started the hot commissioning of the fluidized bed furnace in the KVA Bern in mid-October. The start of the trial operation is expected in mid-December.


SIAT Braun goes into operation

Our customer Josef Bertsch GESMBH & Co.KG in France starts hot commissioning at SIAT Braun in Urmatt on schedule. At the moment, the commissioning engineers of the system still have to run a stop-and-go operation, since no condensate can be returned on the turbine side.